Hey guys! I’m so excited for this post because today I’ll be sharing my thoughts and opinions about the makeup brand Glossier. Glossier has been hyped about for a while now and when it first came out, I instantly wanted to try it out but sadly it doesn’t ship to New Zealand. Although, Glossier isn’t the cheapest brand, the packaging certainly doesn’t disappoint. The CEO and founder of Glossier is Emily Weiss her main focus was to create “easy to use basics for everyday women.” Their products are not meant to cover or fix imperfections but to leave your face looking fresh, glowy and dewy.

Moon Mask - First we have a face mask, what a surprise! For those who know me, I love face masks and may or may not have an obsession over them. The texture of this mask is quite thick but not sticky at all. It honestly just feels like putting on a super thick layer of moisturiser and then rinsing it off after 20 minutes. This mask normally leaves my skin feeling so so smooth even without using anything after. This is also great for sensitive skin because I would say I have pretty sensitive skin and it didn’t sting, my face wasn’t red after and it didn’t make me break out (knock on wood).

Cloud Paint (Shade Puff and Dusk) - These cheek tints has to be one of my favorite things, they’re so cute and the colours are very pretty. From what I’ve heard before I got these, they’re very pigmented and you only need a small dot of it on your finger. I’m not sure if I’m not using too little or if it generally just works better on lighter skin tones or I’m just use to the look of normal powdered blush? It doesn’t show up as well on my cheeks as others I’ve seen on YouTube. The colour Puff gives a really rosey feel and genuinely makes you look like you’re blushing while the colour Dusk gives a slight sunburn, been in the sun look. I’m really happy with this product, they do what they’re suppose to do and I know these will last for quite some time.

Highlighter (Shade Quartz) - I’ve been loving cream highlighters recently, they give a really dewy and natural look but this Glossier highlighter really gives an all natural look because it makes you look like you’re actually glowing. It’s a stick highlighter which I love, really easy to use and I like to apply it with my fingers to warm it up. The only thing I wish is that the product is a full stick instead of being a ring around a plastic tube (if that made sense) because then it would be easier to use and I would get more product out of it.

Boy Brow (in black) - I’ve never been a fan of filling my brows in because I found it too time consuming and honestly my eyebrows are crazy, I really don’t know how to fill it in without me feeling like a whole new person. This is an eyebrow gel thats suppose to tint and slightly add some length to your brows. I really like how my brows look after because instead it looking like an ashy/light black colour, it makes them look full and bushy in a natural way.

Balm Dotcom (in Birthday Cake) - I love this product so much! It smells so nice and you know those Lush lip scrubs where they also smell so nice and you want to lick it off (and you actually can) this is what I want to do with this product too but DO NOT. It was thicker than I thought it would be but the consistency is really nice.

Clear Lip Gloss - I don’t really have much to say about this one, it’s a really pretty gloss containing vitamin E to help moisturise those lips. The packaging is super cute and reminds me of the lip balms or lip glosses I would get with those magazines I used to buy as a kid.

So this brings me to the end of my Glossier Makeup review. These products are nicely packaged, high quality but the price is a bit high, everything else I love it. I’m so happy I got my hands on these and got to try them out. For anyone wanting to test these products, definitely do! and hopefully it’s able to ship to New Zealand soon!


Till next time,

Nancy xx

Nancy Yin