Salt by Hendrix Coconut Elixer Creme - This body cream has been a go to of mine. The texture is quite thick but when it goes on your skin, it doesn't seem like you have any lotion on and it's not sticky which is great. This coconut cream is super moisturising as stated on the front of the bottle 'INTENSE HYDRATION' and I can agree, it leaves your skin super soft especially after shaving your legs so they won't look like fish scales. Another positive thing, the smell is amazing, really fresh but not overpowering. 

Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist - Another hydrating product for winter. I like to use this after I wash my face and use toner to hydrate my skin even more before I put on serum, oil and moisturiser. This has a super fine perfume spray so it covers your full face with just a couple spritz. It's winter so I might have been looking a bit tired, dull and pale but instead of just hydrating I like how it also gives a glowing and dewy finish. 

Keune Hair Oil - This products been a lifesaver recently, my scalp and hair has been super dry and this has helped sooth an itchy scalp. I like using a cotton bud and dipping it in some oil and then rubbing it in where I part my hair and partings that have been a bit irritated. This also has a great smell and is paraben-free!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask - I know i'm extremely late to buying and loving this product but I finally got my hands on one. First, SMELLS INCREDIBLE! Second super hydrating and surprisingly it's still stays on your lips in the morning. I actually don't know what to say about it, I really like this product and would 100% recommend to try it out.


Kate Somerville Goat Milk De-Puffing Eye Balm

Apparently it's "A unique cooling eye balm to reduce puffiness, moisturize and revitalize tired eyes." I really like the application and how it's suppose to be cooling so it's on my wishlist so I can test it out if it actually works.

This is a bit different, instead of sharing products I have this website dedicated to beauty I've been loving. It's called Gritty Pretty, it's an online magazine and the founder and editor is Eleanor Pendleton. Gritty Pretty basically has everything about beauty you can imagine from how to contour your face, what products to buy during what seasons... and are jade rollers worth it and how to use them. A lot of celebrities has featured in it, including Mirander Kerr, telling the readers about how she got started on her own beauty line KORA. So if you have free time, definitely check Gritty Pretty out and give it a read!

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Nancy xx


Nancy Yin