Hi everyone!

I’m finally back! Just to update you guys where I’ve been, school has been crazy, mock exams and heaps of internals has definitely kept me busy. My phone on Friday officially broke so now I can’t get back my photos :( Also i’m sorry if these pictures are not the best quality because my friend took them for me on my new phone and camera quality are always better than iPhones but I really love these photos.

Onto the outfit… These tops have been so popular lately! I swear most people on the streets wear them and most Youtubers wear them. Got to admit, it’s a pretty cute style. The top i’m wearing is from Lonely and I love how the drawstring is completely adjustable so you can have it however cropped you like. Let’s talk about the bag!!!!!!! I’m a beyond happy about this bag! No, it’s not a Cult Gaia bag, those are so freaking expensive but it looks pretty similar. I got it at a shop for only $75, compared to the actual brand of being $128, I think it was a good price. It looks good with any outfit and if you want, you can tie all sorts of bandanas on it. This bag started to become popular this Summer for Americans but since it was Winter here, it didn’t seem suitable? But now the weather clearing up, I think New Zealand should give this bag a try.

Anyway, I have a two week break and I’m going to try put out as much content as possible, hopefully this actually happens!

Hope you had a wonderful day!

Nancy xx


Top from Lonely - here

Jeans from Frame - here

Bag from Tosca & Salome - Similar here

Nancy Yin