Hi! Yes, I know, this blog has been inactive for 2 months. It was the holidays and I was feeling unmotivated well.. mostly lazy. Let's see what I've been up to... nothing, so there really isn't a good reason why I haven't posted in so long but I'm feeling more motivated and if the weather is good, I might start posting two times a week, no promises yet.

The sun finally came out in the weekend and it was 17 degrees which is pretty good for winter but sadly the weather has turned rubbish again, wifi has gone bad and i'm sitting on my bed writing this using my personal hotspot.


I was meant to shoot this outfit in front of a white fence but the owners grandmother pulled up so it was a bit awkward to continue the shoot so we ended up at a white wall but this has to be one of my favourite shoots because the contrast between the sky, outfit and wall looks so nice put together.

I've been obsessed with Anine Bing for quite some time but everything is so expensive! I paired this shirt with my beloved rag and bone jeans, it's super flattering and high waisted and lastly here comes the boujee part... Gucci slippers, I feel like these slippers give a more put together look although they are still slippers but honestly you can pair this outfit with anything sneakers, loafers and even jandals? Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post, I have another blog post coming this Thursday to make up for the times I've been inactive!

Nancy Xx


TOP from Anine Bing - here

JEANS from Rag and Bone - similar here

SLIPPERS from Gucci

SUNGLASSES from Glassons -  similar here


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