Happy Monday (or not so happy)!! Today's post is all about tips and ways how to relax and destress. For me school has only just started.... but all the information I've been getting and hearing from teachers about what they expect and want from me throughout the year is a LOTTT to take in! If you are in a similar situation as me, I hope this post will help you in some way! 

1. Go for a walk - Surround yourself in nature, this sounds so simple but there's so many things you can do during this walk! It can help clear your thoughts and boost endorphins which actually helps reduce stress hormones. It depends when you decide to go on your walk but watching the sunrise or sunset is really BEAUTIFUL! and also incredibly breathtaking! Just imagine watching the sun cast golden rays and then slowly setting, it's such a nice way to end your day in a calming environment.


2. Switch your phone off - Yes turn it off, leave your phone alone! I know how difficult this is and I'm definitely guilty of being on my phone for too long and getting caught up in the world of technology but taking your eyes off the bright screen for even just a short period of time can help you relax and of course rest your eyes!  Being on technology for too long can make you addicted and stressed because more and more people feel pressure to respond to messages at all times and this can also cause you to stay up late and lose sleep. The list can go on and on but just remember to take frequent breaks during your day of technology usage and that can be super helpful to relax.

3. Keep a journal, or a gratitude diary - This is an easy activity that can make you happy and calm. The instructions are simple, all you need to do is keep a diary/ journal beside your bed, either in the morning or at night you can write one short sentence about what you are looking forward to today, what made you happy today or even write about what you are grateful for. This is super easy and I feel like this tip helps me feel motivated to get up the next day without stressing and make that day the best day ever!

4. Listen to music - Music will help a lot as it also helps to escape time. Make sure you listen to music thats not to loud, don't be silly and listen to heavy metal, when your stressed! This lowers your heart rate, blood pressure and also decreases levels of stress hormones. Music will flood brain with good neurochemicals like dopamine. Here are 4 of my FAVVV music to listen to when I'm stressed.

Intro (Santa Barbara) - Box Dreams

Beach Baby - Bon Iver

Good Morning - Ralp Castelli

White Ferrari - Frank Ocean 

5. Chewing gum - this is a short one! Chewing gum isn't only good to make your breath fresher but it actually relives anxiety and reduce stress levels during long periods of multitasking. 

6. Staying on top - Procrastinating and leaving things till the very end is very stressful as you're rushing to get everything done. So to prevent this just maybe TRY and get things done the day you get it or as early as possible, this will make everything organised and planned out and will help heaps. You'll also have more free time to do other activities you actually want to do.

7. Talk to a friend - When you're sad or stressed out sometimes all you want to do is talk to someone and share your feelings. Go to a friend or even a family member and just open up and pour all your feelings and troubles onto them, if they're ok with that.😉 They're kind of like a therapist and in fact: people who talk about their feelings tend to be happier in general. So get yourself a friend who's happy to listen to you.

8. Take a bath - Something about the idea of taking a bath is just so relaxing! There's no need for an explanation but I will share some of my favourite bath products, tv shows and books to read. One of my favourite brands is Herbivore Botanicals, everything they sell is so aesthetically pleasing and their products are super nice. Two of my favourite bath products from them is the CALM Bath Salts and the Coconut Soak they both leave your skin smelling divine and soo soft!

Tv shows: A CLASSIC, FRIENDS, i've watched the whole series at least 6 times!! My favourite is definitely Rachel, I love her style so much, every episode she's wearing something amazing and it always looks fantastic. For anyone who hasn't watched it, PLEASE DO!

Books: I am going to recommend two books and these two are my favourite! The first one is Pieces of Sky by Trinity Doyle, this book is a bit sad but HOLY! I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH. Second book Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella, this one is amazing too otherwise I wouldn't be recommending it but any book by Sophie Kinsella I personally think are amazing and so interesting. So take a bath, watch a cute TV show or read a book to make you more chill and relaxed.


There you have it. 8 ways to relax and I hope you guys use some of my

tips when you're feeling stressed!

Nancy xx



Nancy Yin