Hi guys, I'm back again! I promised myself and all my readers one of my main goals for this year was to be active and post consistently on my blog. Although it's slowly happening, I'm getting there! 

If you may be wondering why I started a blog or even who I am, this post is for you! 

  • I'm 15 years old born in 2002 (Leo)
  • I have a younger sister who's 12 
  • My dream job is to be a blogger and to travel the world
  • My favourite song at the moment is Good nights by Whethan 
  • I'm currently in Year 11 with three years to go
  • My passions are Fashion and beauty and that's what I want to portray over my blog
  • One day I would love to go plant-based 
  • I HATE eggplants, Papaya, bean sprouts or any kind of beans
  • I use to dance for 8 years but still am horrible at it
  • My favourite movie is Love, Rosie

Hopefully this gave you an insight of who I am and what you will see coming from me.

You might think I'm an introvert but I'm actually an extrovert! In class I don't like answering questions so that might have given an impression that I'm 'shy.' I started this blog to express who I am, what I love to do in my free time and to get inspired by other blogs. 

One year ago, I didn't even know the blogging world existed, until my friend introduced me to Amber Fillerup Clark - Barefoot Blonde. Soon, I started following more and more e.g. (theblondesalad, SongofStyle, Fashionmenow etc.) and I quickly became intrigued and wanted to start one myself. I've always liked fashion and always wanted some sort of way to show my outfits or what I've been loving. 

I'm not a huge fan of school, I get easily distracted and I procrastinate a lot while doing homework. Actually, I'm sitting here right now in English class writing this blog post so you may be able to tell my grades are so "good". This blog helps me let out my creative side and share what I love to my readers.

My posts generally reflects my thoughts, ideas and cover the interests of beauty, travel and outfit posts that intrigued me along the way.

So this is my blog, I hope you enjoy reading, looking at the photos and hopefully relating! 

Catch you next time!

Nancy xx

Nancy Yin